About us

Home is where the At Home Box is.

Our home is everything to us, it’s our comfort and happiness. It’s our tiny den to hide away in. It’s a fortress to entertain guests in. Our home shines proudly around us on our best day and wraps its comfort around us on our very worst. Inside we throw lavish parties for our friends, cook hearty meals for our family and snuggle up in secret amongst throws and fluffy cushions. We create a feel-good environment with our own individuality and through design and decoration, we transform a once bare space into a room filled with warmth and comfort.

Our home is not only our loving friend but it’s an extension of who we are as people.

Every box tells a story…

For just over a year we have designed, created and produced a box that’s just perfect for you. Every month, we provide you with new and exciting gifts that you can enjoy with yourself, with friends or as a gift to someone you love! Our box breathes life into people’s homes and tells a story of happiness and harmony. Whether bought from small, independent companies or more well-known companies, the gifts that make up our boxes are made with passion and are all lovingly made for everyone’s home. As well as bringing joy into our customer’s home, here at The At Home Box company we love making our customers smile and our monthly interior gift will do just that! So throw your head back, relax and with one click of a button come and join our family today!