Did you know that we can't survive without Bees? These little heroes execute a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture: pollination – and when one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees, without them we’d BEE pretty hungry. But as their numbers dwindle due to man-mad factors including the use of poisoning pesticides in agriculture, destroying their habitats and climate change, we have a responsibility to be more environmentally conscious and help stop our planet’s bees decreasing any further.

The At Home Box Company's July ‘Bee Happy’ box is celebrating the work of these hard-working creatures, because ultimately, if all the bees in the world die out, we will not survive. We’ve collaborated with a host of luxury home and beauty brands that are making a difference towards the future of bees, and making do-good, high-quality products in the process.

Our August box will be delivered on the 10th August.