For me there’s nothing better than being at home and relaxing in my own space. The weekend is the perfect time for me to focus on myself and give my mind and body some TLC before the week begins again. Here at The At Home Box Company self- care and positivity are some of the things we value the most which is why this month we are bringing you our exclusive Coco and Rose box.

In a world full of never-ending jobs, it's sometimes impossible to find a moment to yourself. So whilst you're getting the kids ready for school or completing your tasks at work, take a second to schedule in some downtime for yourself later in the day.  Run a hot bath or read your favourite book with a bowl of delicious snacks, anything that you associate with unwinding, make sure it's top of your list!

October could be that one moment you get! As we slowly start to transition into winter, wipe away your makeup and let your skin breathe this month with our beautiful coco and rose box. Crafted from natural elements, we’re bringing life back into your home and routine with four beautiful products to use in the home. Light up your space and create a rosy ambience with our beautiful rose quartz crystal tea light holder. Whilst your candle burns, why not run a bath and surround yourself in the beautiful rose petals of Coco and Rose botanical’s bath salts, inhale the air as the scent of coconut and fresh roses drifts through the room.. mmm smells like heaven. Next to you is a beautiful recycled coconut bowl brimming full of juicy and exotic fruits, as you lie back in your bath feel completely in your element. When you eventually pull yourself from your dreamy bath, cover your lips in Nathalie Bond’s rose lip balm to keep them well moisturised and you will definitely have the best night's sleep.

Lastly, to celebrate our one year anniversary we have added a fifth item! Upgrade your lifestyle to an eco-friendlier and organic lifestyle with our 8x bamboo straws. Pop a straw into a cold drink, hot drink or smoothie, there are no limits... and don't forget to relax and enjoy.