As the crunchy path of winter melts away and the arms of the trees and flowers stir once more, the start of the zodiac year begins once more. New beginnings mean new hope and new life, and with new life, we're ready to spring clean our home into a bright and simple haven. 

So, this month we encourage you to use your time wisely and remove all the unwanted, unused, unloved things from your home, loft, shed, balcony, car, garage. Once you have decluttered, your journey to a cleaner and fresher home will be much easier. So grab your polishers and dusters because we're about to transform your happy space! 

To help you on your way and inspire you we’ve popped into April’s Box three powerful cleaning products from Mangle and Wringer. Spritz the surfaces of your space with their all-natural multi-purpose spray, it's the quickest way to cut through that grime without leaving your nose burning! More excitingly, keep your clothes bright with Mangle and Wringer's laundry powers, the powdered bleaches are extremely safe and effective to use! All 100% natural Mangle and Wringer was founded by Vanessa Willes in 2012, she sent out to create traditional, non-toxic cleaning remedies that would be gentle and safe yet strong enough to be effective. Her inspiration came from a lady in her village called Bette Smith. Bette was born in 1920 and went into service when she was 14 she rose from the kitchen to become a Ladies Maid in London’s Belgravia. Please go to her website to read more on her fascinating story! 

Next, making you feel a little better about wiping down the kitchen sides, are the incredible Jangneus cloths! These cloths are eco-friendly, washable and are 100% biodegradable, amazing right? Check out more about Jangneus on

Lastly, to aid your month of cleaning we've given you a linen bag to fill and two microfibre cloths to wipe away any dust that's lying around! Both of these can be transported around the house in the handy cleaning tin that we've provided!

Make sure your April is a productive one! Happy Spring cleaning season everyone! 

Love The At Home Box Company x