Narnia is melting, Moomintrolls are poking their noses out from months of hibernation and so are we.

April is synonymous with spring cleaning, turfing out your nest and polishing up your home, there is a reason for this.

It’s not January which signifies new beginnings, it's April. Aries is the first and most elemental sign of the zodiac representing the beginning of all things.  

So, this month we encourage you to look around and like a person possessed ruthlessly remove all the unwanted, unused, unloved and downright useless things from your home, loft, shed, balcony, car, garage. Once completed with the same determined enthusiasm thoroughly clean everything. Please believe us however hard this task is, after you will feel lighter, calmer and as you look around your ordered home know with a click of your heels you are ready to take on just about anything.

To help you on your way and inspire you we’ve popped into April’s Box two of some of the most delightful and yet powerful cleaning products we have ever had the pleasure of testing. All 100% natural Mangel and Wringer was founded by Vanessa Willes in 2012, she sent out to create traditional, non-toxic cleaning remedies that would be gentle and safe yet strong enough to be effective. Her inspiration came from a lady in her village called Bette Smith. Bette was born in 1920 and went into service when she was 14 she rose from the kitchen to become a Ladies Maid in London’s Belgravia. Please go to her website to read more and become as addicted to their products as we are.

Making you feel better wiping around the kitchen we fell in love with Jangneus cloths, they are eco-friendly, washable and when finished with 100% biodegradable so can go in the compost bin. Jangneus also make beautiful Tea Towels check out all their designs on

Nothing like a tin to put things in. We use ours for shoe cleaning products and our office incense, sage sticks and matches.

Love, The At Home Box Company