It’s hard to believe we’ve reached summer already when it feels like only yesterday we were deliberating over our New Year’s resolutions. But despite the months flying by, the constant balancing of family, work and social commitments can take its toll, which means planning a fun trip – whether that be a city break, weekend aboard or even a staycation here in Blighty – to look forward to is of upmost importance. And there’s no better time to do so than the upcoming August bank holiday.

While a holiday is necessary for our wellbeing, that's not to say travelling away from home comes without its own stresses. Once the planning and booking process is out the way, the task of packing can cause equal amounts of distress – but it doesn’t have to. Whether you have a few days, a few hours or just a few minutes, make your escape as stress free as possible by planning ahead and sticking to the golden rule: minimalism.

The At Home Box Company team says: “Our relationship with travelling is oxymoronic. We adore adventuring, yet we're habitual homebodies who can feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings without void of home comforts. Over the years we have developed our own kind of travelling survival plan, enabling us to draw comfort when far away from home. As much as we would all like to take our whole house along in our suitcase, with tougher restrictions on luggage size these days, it’s never been more important to pack purely the essentials.”

Plan before you pack and you can’t go wrong – throwing everything in and hoping for the best will get you nowhere, trust us! Spend time researching into your destination, itinerary and expected weather conditions to help you to figure out exactly what you’ll need. Write a list to make sure you don’t forget the essentials (including pyjamas and phone charger!) And be sure you have a book or board game with you in your handbag to keep you occupied when travelling. Here are our six rules to follow to make the process easier:

The Story Behind the July Box

1. Buy travel sizes
A myriad of cosmetic brands now sell travel-friendly sized versions of their hero products to save you space in your case and enable them to be taken on the plane too. However, if you don’t want to invest in a whole new miniature beauty kit, fill up travel-sized containers with your favourite lotions and potions instead. Another top tip is to save sample packets of essentials such as cleanser, moisturiser and perfume from magazines and stores throughout the year, to take away with you. In our July box you will find a travel pack from Be Soap My Friend.

The Story Behind the July Box
2. First aid SOS

You might be used to packing sun cream and plasters, but one important medicine you've probably never thought of before is tea tree oil. This potent powerhouse is an incredibly useful tool across beauty, cleaning and first aid, soothing itchy insect bites, sores and sunburns, as well as a powerful antiseptic and anti-microbial and even an effective insect repellent. We love Tisserand Aromatherapy tea tree organic pure essential oil.

The Story Behind the July Box

3. Take a bit of comfort from home
Make sure you travel in comfort with King Cotton’s 100% Egyptian cotton towel. There’s nothing quite like feeling the warm embrace of your own babysoft towel when away from home. Established in 1885, King Cotton has been the number one favourite of 5 star hotels for over 100 years, so just relax because your comfort on holiday is in good hands…

The Story Behind the July Box

4. Create the scent of home
Your favourite scent can help calm your nerves and bring some much-needed comfort if you’re feeling frazzled. It’s all about injecting elements of a familiar atmosphere to your new space to create the impression of home and ease anxiety. We never leave home without JOIN Hedgerow Botanical Mist.

The Story Behind the July Box

5. Extra bags
Take a couple of spare bags with you. The wash bag inside our July box is guaranteed to make you feel more at home when travelling. For a place to house your dirty clothes and shoes, to providing extra security for a leaky shampoo, this ethical, eco-friendly bag will be your summer saviour.

6. Personalise your space
Lastly when you arrive at your accommodation, spend a few minutes carefully unpacking your case. Hang your clothes in the closet or fold them away in drawers along with scented sachets to keep your clothes smelling fresh in humid conditions.

So, whether the purpose of your next visit is to catch up with friends or family, watch a concert, or perhaps attend a wedding you will be well equipped with all the above.