Let’s go for a picnic? It sounds good just to say it?

But because we live on an island where one day its sunny and the next we’re pulling our wellies on so generally it has to be a spontaneous decision and various factors have to come into play.

It’s a nice warm day, you have the time, you can put some food together, and you know the perfect piece of grass to sit on. So, this is why picnics are special and something to cherish. Its nice to go with someone, but also a lovely thing to do on your own with a good book.

Here are some of our best Picnic Tips:

  • If you are carrying your picnic don’t overload your bag
  • Remove any packaging before leaving home
  • Put your Ice in a plastic Ziploc bag if you want to keep drinks cool
  • Take something to sit on
  • Take a good book
  • Don't forget your ear buds to enjoy music without bothering everyone else
  • Put in your bag a small bin liner, tissues and hand wipes

To help you get the best our of your picnic day, we added a few essential items to our June box...

Cotton Hamman Throw

We have placed in your box to help this special day a beautiful soft 100% cotton Hamman throw from one of our favourite companies King of Cotton.
We bought one last year and have used it in so many ways. You can sit on it, use it as a wrap round your shoulders, tie it around your waist over a bikini or swim suit, fold it around your neck, use it in the bathroom or as a throw on a bed of sofa. It really is a little miracle. One thing you must do though is wash it before using as the fibres relax and become so much softer.

Jam Jar Jug

What is it about jam jars? Over the last 2 years they have become bang on trend to use as a drinking vassal, vase, and storage for a host of items such as paperclips, buttons, stock cubes the list is truly endless. We found this one with a screw lid and straw from our friends at Chickidee (the company who brought you our November Box black and white basket). They say “drink up” with a little razzle dazzle on the outside to brighten your day.

Rosemary Water

We discovered No 1 Sparkling Rosemary Water at a rather posh summer party and fell in love first with the bottle before this refreshing drink. In our May Box we talked about the wonders of rosemary from our Wald and Co Seed box (hope your seeds are coming along well?). The company was founded because of a remarkable medical discovery which has been reported worldwide. A village in Italy called Acciaroli grows rosemary in abundance and this beautiful hero of herbs is consumed daily by its inhabitants. The reason it came under the spotlight was because more than one in ten residents make it to (and well past) their hundredth birthday living happily without many of the problems that plague the rest of us like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. So, as you can imagine our latest obsession is rosemary and we’re all moving to Acciaroli!

“Rosemary that’s for remembrance” Ophelia in Hamlet

Citronella Candle

Take this Wax and Wick candle with you and light it using our lovely long matches. We love the aroma of citronella and lemon, but insects don’t. These candles are hand pored at their factory in London using 100% soy wax no palm oil or synthetic colours and the candle jars are made from repurposed wine bottles. So next time you are staring at the bottom of a wine bottle don’t feel bad its going to come back as a candle.

Eat Greek for a Week Book

To inspire you in the kitchen we have given you a book of delicious recipes called ‘Eat Greek For A Week’ by our glamorous friend, cook and television personality Tonia Buxton. Eating outdoors for the Greeks is normal and the food chosen by Tonia from her homeland is wholesome, nutritious and takes you immediately to a scene from Mama Mia, Shirley Valentine and maybe a favourite Greek holiday. The reason for the title, Tonia explains, is by eating nutritious flavoursome Mediterranean food you can manage your weight more effectively, slow the aging process down and prevent conditions we are now all to familiar with like diabetes and high cholesterol. Tonia is a Goddess in the kitchen and we know you will love this book and want to discover more about her Greek family food.


Who doesn’t like cake? Our hands are straight up if there is a piece being offered, this delicious finest bean vanilla mini loaf with comforting jam inside and a little white fondant rose has been made by the gorgeous, forever smiling, Cathy Homer of ‘The Loquacious Baker’. Cathy is passionate about her cakes and so are those who taste them, you just want more. Can’t tell you how many we ate while photographing this month’s box!! She was nominated for Best Food Producer in the Muddy Stilettos Awards and is well known in her local area of Leicestershire.

So much to enjoy in the June box, happy picnicking.

Love, The At Home Box Company