There is one room in the house that all girls love, it's the bathroom. Lock the door and you're in your own little world.

How much do we all love relaxing in a beautiful bath? To help this little dream come true we’ve chosen for you in March's box Bramley’s geranium, lavendar and sweet orange bubble bath. Geranium is a favorite of Sarah’s, it helps reduce inflamation, alleviate anxiety, balances hormones and promotes radient skin. Find out more on their website

Getting into the bath is a joy, but getting out must also feel good, so pop your feet down on to this velvety, soft bath mat from Hug Rug, with the words we all want to hear
“Looking Good”. Our eco friendly, washable bath mat was made in the UK at a family run factory in Huddersfield. They have lots more to see on their website

To keep your jewlery safe in the bathroom, pop it in this pretty little dish with a tiny gold house in the middle from Rader, and when you snuggle down after your relaxing bath, remember these words “A miracle can happen overnight” (obviously this depends on who you're sleeping with!) Rader produce absolutely gorgeous items, find oure more on their website

Love, The At Home Box Company