At the end of May, we celebrate coming into the first air sign of the zodiac – Gemini, said to bring a season of energy, expression and creativity into our lives – which is why it's the perfect time for us connect with the earth. I like to do this by standing barefoot on grass, taking a deep breath in and slowly breathing out again. Try to observe everything around you – nature has started to bloom and so must we! Is there something you’ve been promising yourself? Whether it’s a gift or a project, this is the month to plant the seed and make it happen!

While picking out our personalised gifts for your May box we met WALD & Co, the seed box company that bring nature into your home, and fell in love with their passion for growth. Since the 1930s, 97% of our wild meadows have been eroded, directly affecting the natural balance of our environment. A percentage of WALD & Co’s revenue goes to ‘Botanical Gardens Conservation International’ which is a global voice for botanical gardens and the largest plant conservation network in the world.  

It's a wonderful cause, and so whether your subscription is for yourself, for a friend or even for mum, we hope WALD & Co's ethos will inspire you not only to green fingered, but learn about the many benefits of herbs – and the four we've chosen for you are a magical combination, so let's go through them:


Probably one of the most popular herbs around, which is why we sometimes forget how good it is for us. Parsley is a source of flavonoids and antioxidants, which are our body's soldiers fitting off oxidation and keeping our cells healthy. Perfect for including in a summer salad, parsley is also a natural cleanser (so if you're keen on garlic but worried about bad breath, chew on this herb for an instance freshness).


Sage and Rosemary are known as ‘Sister Herbs’ because they have many of the same properties, and when it comes to flavours they work in perfect harmony. Often overlooked is Sage's superior level of Vitamin K, an important element in developing bone density and ensuring the health of our bones as we age. If, like me, you suffer from early signs of osteoporosis, or have lived a rather nutrient-poor, sedentary lifestyle, your bone health you could be low. Adding sage leaves to your diet can increase your vitamin K levels significantly – a single serving has 27% of your daily recommended intake.


William Shakespeare wrote “Rosemary, that’s for remembrance”, and we agree that this is a true hero herb. In Italy there's a village called Acciaroli where rosemary is grown in abundance – and more than one in ten of its residents lives to be over 100 years old. Coincidence? We think not! Studies show that Acciaroli inhabitants have a low rate of heart disease or dementia, and rosemary is certainly thought to help improve our resilience to these ailments.

The Story Behind The May Box


Thyme is a beautiful herb to cook with – we often sprinkle thyme and rosemary over root vegetables before roasting – but it’s the herb's skin-healing properties that brought it to our attention. In November we introduced our subscribers to Shann Nix Jones of Chuckling Goat, who started working with goat milk combined with herbs to form soaps that helped heal her son's eczema. Her discoveries were so enlightening she now produces kefir-rich beautiful creams we can all benefit from.

Also in our May gift box, you'll find a set of three stunning clay bowls from Urban Nature Culture – a Scandi design company that we have completely fallen in love with – that are based on traditional earthenware and will look incredible in any home, from a country manor to a modern pied-a-terre.

And, to keep with our green-fingered theme, we've included this silver spoon with green agate. By one our favourite interiors companies, House of Warrington, the power of agate is to awaken and discover your natural talents. Sarah suggests a herbal tea that I adore: combine fresh rosemary, sage and mint in a large mug or teapot, pour over hot water and let them steep, then stand outside stirring with this little spoon and think about your talents and goals – a guaranteed energy booster for Spring!

Let us know how your planting is going – we can't wait to share our At Home herb garden.

Love, The At Home Box Company